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Rolfing in Bristol

Rolfing Structural Integration is a type of Bodywork within the field of Complimentary Medicine that aims to help you to realign your body.

   The benefits are varied. People most commonly report: Reduced pain, Improved Posture, Increased flexibility, Increased breathing capacity, Improved circulation, Greater ability for relaxation, Increased energy, A lighter general outlook, An improved sense of well-being.


      It is a hands-on system that involves firstly understanding the patterns of tension that have accumulated in the connective tissue of the body over a lifetime, then releasing these tensions, using pressure with hands and elbows, thereby allowing the body to regain it's natural alignment.

      We all have a tendency to tighten parts of our body in response to stress, raised shoulders, head peering forwards, swaying back at the waist, these are some of the most common habits, but each of us has our own unique way of adapting to the stresses of everyday life.

      These habits eventually lead to discomfort which ends up becoming our norm: "Oh, I'm not very flexible." " I've always had tight hamstrings." "I don't breathe very deeply." "I get back-ache if I stand around too long."

      It is possible to get rid of a huge amount of this accumulated tension and learn new strategies in order to avoid building it up again. This is the aim of Rolfing. 


       Anna Orren has been a Rolfing Practioner  for over 26 years. Her first passion was sculpture which she studied for five years at the School of Fine Art at the University of Barcelona. She later went on to do a three year degree in Humanistic Psychotherapy.

    Still searching for a skill that would bring both her passion for anatomy and her passion for human development together, and in particular, looking for a type of bodywork that would enable lasting improvements for clients, she trained  initially with Tom Myers (author of "Anatomy Trains") in the UK, and then further went on to study Rolfing Structural Integration, in Germany and in the USA.

    After living and working in Pennsylvania, she came back to the UK where she has been based in Bristol since 1989, and from where she has travelled extensively across Europe and the USA, studying and working as a Rolfing Practitioner. She is a qualified Rolf Movement Teacher as well as an Advanced Rolfer.

"My passion is to apply what I have learned over the last 26 years about the human structure, in order to help people to let go of unnecesary chronic strain, and so be able to move forward in a way that is lighter, more relaxed, yet stronger. In a sense, it is about wiping the slate clean from old stresses, to the degree that the body will allow."