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Anna has a practice as a Rolfing Practitioner, but also occasionally teaches various courses:

Living Anatomy: These courses are mainly directed at people who already work with the human body within their profession, such as massage practitioners, fitness trainers or Yoga teachers. 

   During these courses students review information on particular muscles, along with palpation to identify their placement and depth and also their activation, so that the student knows how to name a muscle, find it on a client, and understand it's action and effects by experiencing it's movement first-hand. 

   This review of the whole of the musculature is divided into three courses: Lower Girdle, Upper Girdle and Torso. These courses are available on request for a minimum of six students.

Body Reading: This is another course that Anna teaches which again is directed mainly at body-workers, in particular, who want to understand how to make sense of a client's symptoms relative to their structure, and who want to be able to create effective strategies for treatment. These  weekend courses are organised yearly through "Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork", and can be accessed by contacting them directly (0117 3771201). 

Tutorials: Anna also occasionally offers one to one tutorials for massage practitioners who want to increase the effectiveness of their work, or for prospective Rolfing students.

Coaching in Breathing and Walking: Sessions are also offered to improve breathing and walking as these are activities which often become difficult in some way. Because we spend so much time with both, small improvements in them can go a long way to making us more comfortable.