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Is there a particular sequence?

Rolfing follows a ten-goal series which is fundamentally a trip through the human structure, seeking to re-align it as a whole. Further sessions are offered as necessary to review breathing, walking, running, sitting at a desk, or other activities that are relevant to each individual.

Why do the changes last?

   One reason is that we are working on connective tissue rather than muscle tissue. Connective tissue is slow to become distorted where as muscle can respond to stress by tightening instantly. Once connective tissue is released it tends to stay that way for a very long time.

   Another reason is that we don't simply attempt to chase a particular symptom but rather work holistically to find out what aspects of the structure in general are influencing that symptom. In a sense, we get the whole body to support the necessary changes. Once the whole body is balanced in a new place, it tends to stay that way.

   Another important reason the changes tend to stay, is because along the way, we usually observe habits that have lead to distortion and once the tissue is free enough, we redesign new, more helpful habits.

Does it Hurt?

   Rolfing involves slow, gentle but firm stretching of the connective tissue which surrounds muscles and joints. Areas that are particularly tense can be uncomfortable, in the same way that a hand kneading a tense shoulder can be, and yet the feeling is also experienced as  a pleasing release. As the area releases, the discomfort disappears.

   You are always in control, so the intensity should always be within your comfort zone.

How long should I leave between sessions?

   This varies according to what suits you. An interval of less than a week on a regular basis is not recommended, though it often works to schedule two sessions on successive days for people who are travelling long distances. The interval can span anything from one to eight weeks, though most people leave about two weeks.

How long is a session?   

   Sessions last between one hour and an hour and a half.

Must I continue through the series once I begin?

  By experiencing one or two sessions you will get a good idea of if it is right for you. Most people choose to continue and complete the series but whether you do or not is always your choice.

Are there emotional changes in Rolfing?

   Most people feel an increase in confidence as their body becomes more comfortable. Often the voice deepens and becomes more resonant. Often people find that emotions that were in some way 'stuck' resolve themselves as the body relaxes.