Contact details

Rolfing Bristol Ltd
45 Trelawney Road

Company No. 08004933

Tel: 0117 973 5987

Mob: 0777 255 7707



Fees for Rolfing with Anna Orren:

Sessions cost:

£74.... during the day 

£84.... in the evening (from 5pm onwards) or on weekends.

Concessions are available at a discount of £7 off each of these two prices.

Sessions last between an hour and an hour and a half. They can be spaced out as required leaving a few days or up to a few weeks between sessions.

It is fine to have a session or two just to try Rolfing. After that, most people who choose to continue will have between 10 and about 15 sessions.

Usually this allows for significant change in the general state of well-being of the body.