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Gravity and Posture

   Rolfing is based on an understanding that ideal posture will be aligned with gravity. That means that to have good posture, you must be up-right. The reason for this is that gravity, whilst we are on this planet, exerts a massive force on the body. If we are aligned with the vertical line of gravity, each segment of the body is nicely "stacked" above something else that is solid and supported. The result is ease, efficiency and a sense of security.

   If you held an arm away from your body, horizontally, for half an hour, you would inevitably end up with sore muscles, because you are fighting gravity's tendency to pull your arm down again.

   Something similar happens when you push your head forward off your torso or lean back at the waist, except that we tend not to notice the effect of these misalignment's because they occur gradually over time, and over time we compensate for them by creating new tensions to hold ourselves together.

   An example would be if someone hurts a foot or a knee and therefore tries to take the weight off of it. They will automatically put more weight over the other side, leaning or twisting their body to do this. If this is held long enough, it ends up becoming a fixture that will create chronic tension, often leading to pain in different areas of the body that are trying to 'help' the original hurting side.  

   Something similar happens sometimes when a woman is pregnant. She may lean back in order to counterbalance the weight in the abdomen. Because this is held for several months it can become fixed and end up causing pressure in the lower back, eventually leading to back-pain, sometimes even many years later.